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Facts about: Abraham Lincoln

16th President of the United States (1861–1865)

Nickname: "Honest Abe"; "Illinois Rail-Splitter"

Born: Feb. 12, 1809, Hardin (later Larue) County, Ky.

Religion: None

Occupation: Lawyer

Marriage: Nov. 4, 1842, to Mary Todd (1818–1882)

Children: Robert Todd Lincoln (1843–1926); Edward Baker Lincoln (1846–1850); William "Willie" Wallace Lincoln (1850–1862); Thomas "Tad" Lincoln (1853–1871)

Political Party: Whig; Republican

Military Service: Black Hawk War

Legal Residence When Elected: Illinois

Position Held Before Becoming President: U.S. Representative from Illinois

Preceding President: James Buchanan

Succeeding President: Andrew Johnson

Principal Writings: Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln (10 vols., 1953–1990), ed. by Roy P. Basler

Death: Apr. 15, 1865, Washington, D.C.

Place of Burial: Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Ill.


Vice President: Hannibal Hamlin (1861–1865); Andrew Johnson (1865)

Secretary of State: William H. Seward (1861–1865)

Secretary of the Treasury: Salmon P. Chase (1861–1864); William P. Fessenden (1864–1865); Hugh McCulloch (1865)

Secretary of War: Simon Cameron (1861–1862); Edwin M. Stanton (1862–1865)

Attorney General: Edward Bates (1861–1864); James Speed (1864–1865)

Postmaster General: Montgomery Blair (1861–1864); William Dennison (1864–1865)

Secretary of the Navy: Gideon Welles (1861–1865)

Secretary of the Interior: Caleb B. Smith (1861–1863); John P. Usher (1863–1865)

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